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Entrance Creating Departmental math, computer system technology and normal sciences.

Departmental math, laptop scientific discipline and purely natural sciences.


The Departmental mathematics, computer system scientific discipline and natural sciences presents printed out and automated literature to computer and mathematics scientific disciplines and also the organic sciences.

With handful of exceptions, all stocks and shares are borrowed. Textbooks from other internet sites of UB may be delivered during the Departmental MIN. Furthermore, interlibrary mortgages might be found and delivered.

Upon demand we supply for your requirements customized training and carefully guided excursions.


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Entrance Building Departmental Philosophicum.

Departmental Philosophicum.

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The Departmental Philosophicum is made up of 20 library places previous institution libraries in the divisions 05 philology and philosophy 07 Historical and Cultural Research and the Institution of Tunes. The 18 websites in Philosophicum are very closely intertwined with offices and function spread and rooms during the complete developing.

The internet site Academy of Music and songs is situated in the identical creating, the location of musicology inside the come of your Philosophicum.

It is a useful resource local library, the press could be took out is limited. For financing in this field Local library Exclusive procedures writing services apply.

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Front door Establishing Academy of Music and songs.

Departmental Philosophicum, location Academy of Music and songs.


The holdings of your Academy of Audio are located beyond your Philosophicum in the Academy of Songs. They are well prepared according to a subject and offer you. A. A wide selection of helpful songs editions.

This can be a useful resource collection, the media may be lent is restricted. For loaning in this area Library Unique guidelines employ.


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Front door Establishing Departmental Philosophicum.

Departmental Philosophicum, location musicology.


The holdings of musicology have the patio of Philosophicum the 1st surface. These are geared up according to a subject.

This can be a useful resource collection, the media might be borrowed is limited. For lending in this field Catalogue Special rules put on.


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Departmental Law and Economics.


The Departmental law and economics has centered on mass media economics and law. Moreover, it provides a space for Anthropology and African Reports and also the Jahn Selection.

Loan are definitely the stocks and shares of Anthropology and African Research projects, the textbook choices rules and economics and anthropology. The remainder stocks is often borrowed is restricted.

In assistance with all the Department 03, the catalogue organizes introductions to selection use.


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Departmental theology.


The Departmental theology is often a theological professional selection. It collects literature of all theological disciplines as well as key literature related subjects if they overlap with the issues of theology.

With couple of exclusions, all stocks are took out. The departmental local library lends out above the weekend.

Together with the Dept in the catalogue organizes introductions to collection use, upon ask for, in using theological D solutions.

Around the potential future web site Taubertsberg the Jewish Local library (long-term mortgage loan coming from the Jewish Neighborhood, Call Prof. Andreas Lehnardt) as well as the theological textbook selection of the Main Collection will be encased.

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