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1. typo:

Create job applications near me a new Plugin Archive direcotry. Will be работа мск prefixed with plugins-.

2. from:
Current Archive directory
Current Archive Directory

Deactivate Before Archiving
This way when we go to Settings we have a quick link off to the Archived Plugins page and allows us to have an Authors Notes page (for donations, comments, et al)?

6. Can we  put each archived plugins set on the Archived Plugins page, like this example. Pic:
I’m thinking we should limit the number of archives to 5 instead of unlimited. That allows to design for up to a fixed number of sets (just easier to code I figure).


Plugin Archiver Settings

You may have multiple plugin archive directories.*

By default, when a plugin is archived that plugin is moved from:
directory: /wp-content/plugins-your_archive_name/

If you change the default archive directory, the next time you archive a plugin it will be archived in the new archive directory (not the original default directory).
Advanced Plugin Management
You can maintain archived sets of plugins with The Hack Repair Guys Plugin Archiver. A set of plugins may include older versions of your current plugin set, or an entirely different set of plugins. This is a great way to test plugin sets, or test newer versions of the same plugin (i.e., for plugins that do not require a database update).
To create plugin sets, use the “New Archive Directory” setting above to create your sets. For example, an SEO set might include a specific set of SEO related plugins (name it SEO), while another set of SEO related plugins might include some of the first set, with a couple additions (name it SEO+2). The process is described below:
  1. First, set your archive directory here (e.g., SEO). Then go to Plugins and install your set of to-be-archived plugins as usual. Once all are installed, “Archive” that set.
  2. With your first set archived, return here and set your second archive directory (e.g., SEO+2). Then go to Plugins and install your set of to-be-archived plugins as usual. Once all are installed, “Archive” that set.
  3. At this point, you have two archived sets of plugins in place, which can’t be seen in your main Plugins list.
  4. As long as you remember to use the “Current Archive Directory” appropriately you’ll be able to switch back and forth between different archived sets.

In case you are wondering:

  • If a plugin exists in your active Plugins list, you can’t “Unarchive” a plugin over it.
  • You may set up to five plugin archive directories.
  • FTP access from your WordPress dashboard must be allowed for this plugin to function.

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